Babydoll Beauty Secrets:

With the summer upon us and all of those summer party invites piling up, here at Babydoll we are always interested in keeping our make-up looking fresh! Charly, one of our stylists have found us a great way DIY eye shadow base! All you will need is 1 Tbs of water, 3/4 tsp of honey, 1/2 tsp of rubbing alcohol. Microwave this mixture for 1-2 minutes or until smooth and then transfer this mixture into an empty Visine bottle. While the water evaporated in the heating process, by adding the rubbing alcohol it helps to keep the honey from separating while it cools down to room temperature. 

One drop on each eye is all you need! Once it has dried the mixture has provided you with a nice tacky surface to "grip" your favorite eyeshadow. So no need to worry about your eyeshadow creasing while you're living it up! 

An easy DIY way to help make your make-up last; what a winning combination!